Boards and Query enable the self-serve BI capabilities that real people need

Data conversations without the question marks

Guest Author
Guest Author

We're very excited to announce that Transform has undergone a huge...Transformation (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

For a long time, our goal has been to make accurate data more accessible in order to enable data driven stories centered around businesses and organizations. Today, we're one step closer to achieving that goal with the launch of Boards and Query.

Boards and Query enable the self-serve BI capabilities that real people need, but seem too good to be true: safe, governed query construction and intuitive dashboard creation and sharing. Because data in Transform is backed by a robust governance layer (hello, MetricFlow!), and metrics are authored with data lineage and historical context, folks can trust the data and feel confident in the stories they tell.

Speaking of stories, we want to share two very important ones. We had the opportunity to talk to our Product Managers, Roxanna and Rahul, about our journey to this point, in two very insightful blogpost that will shine a light on Boards and Query.

Find out how Boards allow analysts to easily create and maintain dashboards in a way that is safer and more approachable for the business users in the company:

Take a look at our new interface in the Transform App that helps users easily and flexibly build queries and answer their data questions:

We still have room in our beta program. Book some time with a product specialist and find out how Transform can fit into your tech stack.