The 4 pillars of our workplace culture

James Mayfield
Nick Handel
Paul Yang
James Mayfield, Nick Handel, Paul Yang

When we think about workplace culture, we dream about that kind of awesome, love-to-go-to-work, "I can't believe I got this lucky" kind of atmosphere. It's hard to describe, but you know what we mean if you've been at the right place at the right time. There is a common thread amongst those experiences for us, and it starts with people. Empathetic people who are passionate about what they're building and how they're growing individually and collectively. People who care about their co-workers, customers, and their growth. They love what they do, and it comes through every day.

Our collective pursuit is about more than just building a successful business; it's about building ourselves up and helping the people in our orbit accomplish their goals. What we build and how we build it is rooted in our core values.

Lead with empathy

We've all worked on teams that prioritized empathy and some that didn't. It's a stark difference. It's the difference between feeling totally safe and comfortable asking questions, or offering ideas and feeling like your opinion isn't wanted or valued. Achieving this feeling of psychological safety is an essential value of ours.

At Transform, we value diverse perspectives, always taking time to connect with our teammates and listening to and supporting those around us. We argue passionately and constructively, and at the end of the day, we all want to go home with the feeling that "the best idea won today." We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where we show compassion for one another professionally and personally.

Grow together

If we aren't helping each other to grow, we're not accomplishing our potential as an organization, and we won't be able to deliver the most valuable product we could build. We want to grow people's skills, and we want to see people be the best that they can be. We thrive in an environment where we are all accomplishing our potential.

But real growth doesn't happen in a vacuum, there are challenges, and there is reflection. Our accomplishments are greater together, as is our growth. That's why "together" is such an essential piece of this value. Together is the catalyst that fuels growth for all of us, including our customers.

Our growth is constant. We want to be better every day, help each other achieve goals, and empower our customers to succeed. We welcome feedback, proactively iterate, and continuously deliver. All while searching for our next milestone.

Be on Team Passion

In our experience, some people show up to work for the right reasons, and others just show up. Those that show up with passion—passion for their craft, the company, customers—are in it for the right reasons. Those people are on Team Passion.

We're not just talking about passion for the work, although that's important. Here we each have intense personal passions, from fishing to vinyl music to ultrarunning. We love to share that with each other, and while we don't all share the same passions, we share the same passion.

At Transform, we don't just show up. We go the extra mile because this is our craft, and we are driven to be there for our team and customers. We want to win by building the best team, product, and company that we can. We embrace complex problems and find motivation through the challenges. Together, we are on Team Passion.

This is supposed to be fun

We want people to bring their whole selves to work and have a spirit of not taking themselves too seriously. We're supposed to enjoy the time that we spend together. What we're building is about more than just the work. That "I can't believe I got this lucky" feeling takes more. We should want to come to work every day.

Many companies create angst and guilt around actually taking time off. We're the opposite. We respect PTO. We're not afraid to say, "No, no, no. You should take your PTO. Enjoy your time. It's your life. Have fun."

We've created a supportive and fun environment. That's not to say that we don't take what we're building seriously because we solve significant challenges, and we aim to build a great product, but we have to be able to take a step back and enjoy this time. We all chose to be here over many other great opportunities, and we remind each other frequently, "this is supposed to be fun."