Transform wins MDS Rocketship Award for the Metrics Store category

Amit Bhojraj
Amit Bhojraj

We believe that Transform is building something special—and it’s so rewarding when our peers feel the same way. We’re thrilled to announce that Transform has won the MDS Rocketship Award for the Metrics Store category. (MDS) is a community of resources for anyone to learn about building and operating a modern data stack. The MDS newsletter has over 1000+ subscribers in the data community.

Their inaugural Rocketship Awards are an effort to bring the data community together to recognize the most impactful data tools and platforms in the world. It’s a celebration of the wonderful evolution that we’ve all seen in today’s modern data stack.

What are the Modern Data Stack Rocketship Awards?

The Rocketship Awards are adjourned by an amazing panel of 17 data leaders and investors from across the globe from organizations like Amplify Partners, Convoy,, Cameo, and more.

List of 17 panel members that judged the MDS Rocketship Awards.

The evaluation criteria included the following:

  • Impact: The impact the platform / tool has created on how organizations manage and consume the data.
  • Innovation: The significant shift that the platform/tool has created on the day-to-day life of data engineers and data consumers.
  • Product excellence: Ease of use of the product and available integrations.
  • Community

Congratulations to the rest of the winners. We’re so energized by the innovation in the data community and can’t wait to see what the future holds.