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We're running a survey to understand how data teams manage their metrics.

Nick Handel
Nick Handel

It’s 2021 – we have magical cloud data warehouses and one-click ETL, but data teams are still struggling to concretely answer what a “user” means in SQL. Businesses run on metrics – active users, monthly recurring revenue, churn – but getting from a clean warehouse to those metrics, especially in a consistent and reproducible way, still trips up analysts and engineers alike.  

Our team at Transform worked on the previous generation of Airbnb’s now famous metrics store (a.k.a Minerva), and we’ve felt that pain directly. So we have some questions for you – we want to understand how you’re tracking metrics at your company today, what your biggest problems are, and what your stack looks like. In a few weeks, we’ll put together a report and share it with the community.

A few sample questions so you know what to expect:  

  • “How are you maintaining and sharing metrics information within your organization today?"
  • “Who is responsible for metrics/data governance in your organization?”
  • “Does your company have a centralized metrics store on top of your data warehouse?”

Please help us by filling out this brief survey. We’re hoping that the data community is excited about the kinds of answers we might get here – but we’re also raffling off four $250 Amazon gift cards and 25 Transform Swag boxes. Completing the survey gets you an entry to win!