Create an insights hub for metrics with notifications, subscriptions, and a new Transform homepage
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Create an insights hub for metrics with notifications, subscriptions, and a new Transform homepage

James Mayfield
James Mayfield

Once you’ve defined all of your critical metrics, you’ll want to centralize all of your reporting and organizational knowledge around those metrics. And you’ll want all of your stakeholders to have all of the most up-to-date, accurate information about those metrics.

Today, we’re announcing a series of features and updates that will help you achieve all of these goals: Notifications, Subscriptions, and a brand new Homepage in Transform.

All of these updates will lead to a better internal-customer experience and make Transform the insights hub for metrics in your organization.

Subscriptions and Notifications keep everyone on the same page

Every person working with data has encountered the same age-old challenge…keeping people on the same page about metric values—what these metrics really measure, how to keep abreast of when their values change, and more importantly, “why” have their values changed.

Subscriptions in Transform help build transparency around your metrics, forming a graph of all of the social-data connections within your organization. This graph allows you track how many people are interested in a given metric and as a result, provides insights into which metrics are most critical to your organization, while keeping everyone on the same page. No more silos of information or hidden gaps in knowledge.

When you create a metric with our MetricFlow framework, you will automatically be subscribed to that metric. That means that you will be notified when people subscribe to your metrics, when new annotations are added, or when people ask questions about any of your metrics.

Subscriber flow with the metric owner adding people from organization to a metric subscription.
Workflow for metric owners to subscribe individuals to specific metrics.

Both technical owners and business owners have a simple workflow to subscribe individuals to specific metrics, ensuring that the right people have access to the right data at the right time. And any individual with permissions can subscribe to metrics within the Metrics Catalog, so they can keep tabs on the metrics that matter to them.

A new world for collaboration: Adding rich context to all notifications

One key difference between the Transform Subscription feature and other business intelligence tools is that notifications are sent to data consumers with rich context, authored by metric owners. In the old data world, people loaded dashboards and could see changes on graphs, but data consumers had little clue as to why the changes happened.

List of notifications in the sidebar of Transform's homepage.
Notifications pane in the new Transform homepage.

The new workflow looks like this: a metric owner builds a version controlled metric definition, they create alert triggers for themselves to know instantly if a metric value has gone up or down in value, then the technical and business owners all get the chance to investigate what has caused that change.

Once they build an insight, those metric owners author an annotation to explain the change in value for that metric and other impacted metrics, then publish that annotation to a tailored list of people who are subscribed to the impacted metrics. No more guessing about which people at an organization need to know about the annotation. And best of all—that annotation is forever associated with the metrics so consumers can look back and know definitively why the graph went up or down. Nobody is left wondering “what in the heck caused that graph to go up four months ago”.

Annotations for a metric called "End of Quarter Push" including graphs, numbers, and dimensions affected.
Annotation details about an "End of Quarter Push" metric.

New homepage for all of the metrics you care about

We’ve updated the Transform homepage to be your hub for all of your critical metrics. This homepage is unique to you and your interests. It gives you an overview of all of your subscriptions for metrics and any recent activity around them.

New homepage with labels showing annotations, subscriptions, and metric performance.
New Transform homepage, featuring annotations, subscriptions, and "metrics you may care about."

Now all of your subscriptions live right on the homepage—with a birds-eye view of what’s causing your metrics to change, and how they have changed. The recent annotations ensure that you have the context you need to understand what’s happening with your business, right at your fingertips.

Last, but not least, Transform provides a list of suggested metrics based on the subscription behavior of your colleagues so you’re always one click away from all the critical metrics in your organization.

"Metrics you may care about" pane, showing 6 metrics and the choice to subscribe.
Transform provides a list of suggested metrics based on the subscription behavior of your colleagues.

We’re just getting started

Navigating your organization’s metrics should be a productive process, with areas for team collaboration, context-gathering, and discovery. We can’t wait to learn how all of you use these features to bring more clarity and knowledge around your metrics.

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