Get trustworthy metrics in spreadsheets with Google Sheets + Transform
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Get trustworthy metrics in spreadsheets with Google Sheets + Transform

Roxanna Pourzand
Roxanna Pourzand

Everyone loves spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are simple and accessible for pretty much every role. They also offer a way to do basic aggregations quickly, share and collaborate on data, and even plot data in a lightweight manner.

What people don't love about spreadsheets? As more people record data in spreadsheets, create calculations, and share across large groups, your data becomes more and more disjointed and untrustworthy. How do you make sure the data across multiple sources is correct and governed?

We’re thrilled to introduce our integration with Google Sheets. The integration comes with a custom menu and custom function where you can select your metrics and dimensions from Transform and they will automatically populate in Google Sheets.

Spreadsheets, but scalable

In any given organization, there are multiple spreadsheets floating around with data from various sources—with each spreadsheet using different calculations for key metrics.

For something as important as your company's key metrics, you need your data to be trustworthy. We assert that there's a better way with Transform. Transform is a metrics store where you define all your metrics in one place in code and align all your metrics logic across all your downstream tools. In other words, you can guarantee that all of the data in your spreadsheets is accurate and blessed by your data team.

How to use the Google Sheets + Transform Connector

To use this integration, find the Transform Connector for Google Sheets in the Google Workspace Marketplace, authenticate with a Transform API key, and then start selecting data!


You can select all the same things in Google Sheets Transform's API's including granularity options, time over time, limits and constraints.This simple interface allows all your stakeholders to get the data they need, where they already work.

  1. In Google Sheets, navigate to Extensions --> Add-Ons --> Get Add-Ons.
  2. Search for Transform Connector for Sheets and install the add-on.
  3. Open the add-on, which will show a custom Transform menu on the right-hand side.
  4. This menu will first ask for a Transform API key for authentication purposes. Enter the API key.
  5. After authentication, you should see a custom menu that has various selections including the ability to select metrics, dimensions, constraints, time granularity, time over time comparisons, limit, and order.
  6. Select the cell in which you want the data to populate in, make the selections in the menu, and press "Run Query". The data you selected will populate in the chosen cell.

Using custom functions in Google Sheets with the Transform Add-On

If you use Google Sheets, you may know functions like SUM, AVERAGE, etc. You can leverage Transform's custom function to make it even easier to query metrics in Google Sheets.

The custom function is called MQL_QUERY() and matches the inputs of the custom menu shown above.

The syntax is as follows, and you can see example inputs directly in the "Help" tab of the Google Sheet.

Syntax for Transform's custom function in Google Sheets

Looking ahead

This integration will keep metrics consistent across all of the spreadsheets in your organization—saving you loads of time updating metrics and searching for the “right” number across multiple spreadsheets or teams. We’re looking forward to seeing how these features impact your day-to-day work!