Share metric updates from Transform in Slack
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Share metric updates from Transform in Slack

Roxanna Pourzand
Roxanna Pourzand

Bring all the benefits of your metric store into Slack.

Imagine this...It’s a normal day at work. You step away from your computer for a minute. Then, you hear that familiar *knock brush* noise. Slack. A notification! Who could it be? It’s the TransformBot showing you a Transform metric chart. What is this sorcery?

A colleague sent you a metric from Transform…they noticed an anomaly in the data. All the details about the finding are right there in the Slack message. Plus, there’s a link to the Transform app if you want to dig deeper.

That’s right, Transform now supports sharing your metrics to Slack!

Slack is a ubiquitous productivity tool teams use as a key part of daily workflows. One of Transform’s missions is to enable users to easily share knowledge and collaborate around metrics. Slack is one of the best ways to do that since it’s where a lot of organizations communicate.

Initially, this integration allows you to share a metric chart to Slack. In the future, this integration will power your workflows around automatic alerts when your key metrics change.

How do I enable Slack for my Transform organization?

Learn how to install the Transform Slack Integration.

Take the following steps to install the Slack Integration for your organization:

  1. Enable Slack on our integration page as long as you’re a Transform organization admin.
  2. Once enabled, every metric chart will have “Share to Slack” in the overflow menu on the top right hand corner.
  3. Choose the channel or person that you want to share a message with, add a description, and check the chart preview.
  4. Click send, and voila! You're all set.
Learn how to share metrics in Slack from the metrics page in Transform.

Read more about this integration here in our product documentation.