Transform supports Okta for single sign-on (SSO)
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Transform supports Okta for single sign-on (SSO)

Roxanna Pourzand
Roxanna Pourzand

Okta is a widely-used cloud application identity solution. It allows companies to manage all their users and groups in one place, rather than have separate logins for each tool that they use.

We’re excited to announce that Transform is now part of Okta’s Integration Network. Okta administrators can add Transform as an application from Okta’s directory, configure Okta for Transform, and assign users to authenticate in Transform via Okta.

Transform’s Okta integration supports both IdP and SP initiated single sign-on, which means users can sign in to Okta from both the Transform and Okta applications. You can see Okta’s glossary for more information on these terms.

How to set up and configure Okta in Transform

Learn how to configure Okta in Transform in the video below. Note that you need administrator access in both Okta and Transform to configure the two:

Learn how to set up the Okta and Transform integration.
  1. Search for Transform in Okta’s Integration Network.
  2. Press “Add” and select Settings in Okta.
  3. Toggle to the “Sign On” tab to configure the components.
  4. View “Setup Instructions” to open up a new tab and follow the listed instructions. Some instructions will be tailored to your Okta instance.
  5. In Transform, go to the Security tab and click on “Enable Okta.”
  6. Add the Single Sign-On URL and Okta certificate provided to you in the Okta setup instructions, add your company name, and any allowed email domains you want to authorize for Okta login. Press “Save.”
  7. Take note of your organization ID and company name (this is also e-mailed to you). Download the Transform certificate from the modal and add it to Okta in the “Encryption Certificate”  field.
  8. Scroll down to “Advanced Sign-On Settings.” Input your Organization ID and Company name from Step 7.

Learn how to add a user to an Application from Okta and see how to log in with Okta in Transform.

Learn how to add users and log in to Okta with Transform.

We hope this integration makes your user management a lot easier in Transform! If you enable Okta, you should expect that a few Transform user administrative features will be disabled. For example, administrators won’t be able to reset or change passwords from Transform since all that information about the user lives in Okta.

Note that Transform’s initial Okta integration doesn’t yet support automatic provisioning/deprovisioning, which means Okta administrators will have to assign users to Transform in Okta (and also remove them in case of departure from an organization). Automatic provisioning features are coming up next. Stay tuned!